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The L.A. Brace™ was designed in 1999 by Gez Bowman, owner of The L.A. Brace™, Valley Orthopedic Technology and The L.A. Brace Center. The L.A. Brace™ has gone through several changes since its inception in 1999. Its current iteration represents the 3rd generation of The L.A. Brace™.

Prior to the LA Brace™, scoliosis braces made in the U.S. were either symmetrical Boston modules or custom to cast braces. Gez Bowman designed The LA Brace™ after recognizing a need for a scientific and consistent method to produce an asymmetrical Cheneau type hyper-corrective scoliosis brace
Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology provides for consistency in modeling but is still limited by inefficiencies in the method of scaling to the computer model to the patients dimensions (data acquisition). While trying the different methods and finding various problems with the existing standard data acquisition systems, patterns were beginning to emerge in the dimensions of adolescents. After a thorough review, Gez began developing algorithms to predict the dimensions and shape of each individual. The resulting algorithms were fine tuned and ended up proving to be a more robust and more accurate data acquisition system. This new revolutionary system was named Algorithm Generated Predictions (AGP) and is the proprietary data acquisition system of The LA Brace™.

In 2009, The LA Brace™ was further refined to improve the force application, align the brace with Schroth 3-dimensional treatment and introduce the new unique 2-brace system.

Now, in 2010, we have created The LA Brace Center in Los Angeles County, dedicated to the provision of The LA Brace ™ and to working with patients, families, Schroth therapists and physicians to provide the finest conservative treatment available and ensure the best possible conservative treatment outcomes for scoliosis.

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The LA Brace Center

16430 Ventura Blvd Suite 304
Encino, CA 91436
(818) 600-2560

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