Our experience providing advanced scoliosis bracing is second to none. We have successfully helped numerous patients avoid having surgery. You can read about how Summer switched from Spinecor to The LA Brace to save herself from surgery at: http://www.curvygirlsscoliosis.com/groups/atlanta.html

The following is an example of the many comments we receive from our satisfied clients: 


“Lauren is your #1 fan and believer in the brace, so she is the one that wants a new one!  She's probably the only teenager I know that would WANT a brace, but she believes it helps her brain remember the position she should be in when not in the brace so she wants it as perfect as possible.  I so wish we could have caught Lauren's scoliosis earlier because I truly believe that your brace could have "improved" her curve if she were wearing it during her growth spurt.  But I am thankful for where we are now, which is at least a smaller curve than when we started with and we avoided surgery.”
For Lauren N


“My only complaint is I didn’t find Mr. Bowman earlier”
For Ryan, M


“Thank you for helping this tough process run so much easier and smoother. Your professionalism, kindness, and expertise are much appreciated”
For Maria, P


“We are thrilled with the progress. Gez has been so helpful, knowledgably and encouraging”
For Taylor B


“Great service, friendly and cordial, the treatment is improving her Scoliosis”
For Ava O


“The orthopedist seemed very pleased with the x-ray results.  It appears the brace is already having an influence on her curvature”
For Antonia, L


“Taylor’s latest x-ray in the new brace is unbelievable - only 8 degrees at the top??  Thanks again for everything”
For Taylor, H


 “Jennifer got her new x-rays, the results are fantastic!  You did a wonderful job and we are thrilled to no end”
For Jennifer M


“Tya has been in her brace for about 15 months now.  On two separate x rays 6 months apart, she has shown a stable improvement of her major curve from 40 to 35 degrees.  She has been using Gez's brace about 16-20 hours per day, except with sports.  Tya has been really comfortable with her brace, taking it on and off in front of her team mates”
For Tya, A


“Thank you for all of your help this year!!!  We are so glad that Beatriz told us about you and that you are not tooooo far away. Jay likes you too, so that makes our trips a pleasure”
For Jay L


“Thanks again for your help.  Harry and I feel very confident with your brace; he says his brace feels better with the padding you put in already”
For Harry K


“I appreciate everything your doing for us. Thank you very much!”
For Daisy H


 “Thank you so much for helping me this past year. Although its been a tough adjustment, you've helped me alot!”

Tiffany G


"I just wanted to thank you again for going that extra mile anf getting our son an effective brace. Its nice to know there are people in the world willing to make the extra effort to help others. Thanks again"

For Jason D


"Thank you so much for fixing my brace and helping my back, it is working great"

Barbara D

"Dear Mr Bowman, Thank you for the excellent service. It is much appreciated"

Danielle B


"Dear Gez, Thank you for all you you have done and will continue to do..."

Casey H


"Finding the words to thank you isnt easy. With more gratitude than you could ever know."

Sandra T


Gez is great thank you very much for everything.

Armani H

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