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Bracing for scoliosis has been around for decades and many different designs have been created. Braces in the US have typically been symmetrical braces as popularized by the Boston brace. Most full time braces are based upon the SRS classification and therefore have 4 templates (or blueprints), namely Lumbar, Thoraco-Lumbar, Thoracic and Double. The LA Brace™ is an asymmetrical bracing system similar to those designed in some parts of Europe
based upon Cheneau’s principles of bracing. The LA Brace™ system recognizes multiple patterns of scoliosis and uses 13 different scoliosis templates to strategically place pressure areas and void areas to encourage the spine to move into a straighter alignment. The L.A. Brace™ is probably the most advanced scoliosis brace available. 
  It uses modern computerized modeling technology (A.G.P. and CADCAM) with the latest in our understanding of force application systems to develop a computer model from which the brace is fabricated. Recent studies of The LA Brace™ have shown it to average about 50% “in-brace correction”, have improved correction maintenance AND be more cosmetically acceptable than most other braces. The processes used in the manufacture of The LA Brace™ ensure consistency in the application of force and hence ensure maximum effectiveness.
More information on The LA Brace™ can be found at www.TheLABrace.com
The standard mechanism with which to evaluate a scoliosis brace is the “in-brace x-ray”. This x-ray is compared to the  

original x-ray and the goal is to achieve as close as possible to 50% in-brace correction. However x-rays are a 2-dimensional image of the spine and the in-brace correction measured via the x-ray is therefore a 2-dimensional measurement. The LA Brace™ is a 3-dimensional bracing system. With The L.A. Brace™ we review all the misalignments and attempt to address all of these in the brace. The design of The LA Brace™ is such that it works completely in tandem with advanced 3-dimensional therapy see Schroth Method with The LA Brace™.

Based around the standard LA brace system, we have developed modified treatment plans to maximize outcomes for certain curve types and patient age groups.

Two-Brace System

Our unique LA 2–brace system was designed specifically to maximize the benefits of different pressure systems and allow for patients to utilize different postural corrections. The 2-brace system is pattern specific and usually for double curve scoliosis (King1, King 2, King 3). 
One brace is usually designed to correct both curves, the other brace is designed to either correct just the lumbar curve and/or be used as a postural exercise brace. A brace designed for the lumbar curve only is usually much more effective on this curve than a brace designed for both curves.

The 2-brace system has the additional benefit of giving kids a lower profile brace to wear during school hours thereby making compliance less of an issue.

Adolescents make up the majority of patients for whom The L.A. Brace™ is utilized. However other age groups can also be treated with The L.A. Brace™ but require a different approach.

Infantile L.A. Bracing System

Infant Idiopathic Scoliosis (IIS) represents children from birth to 2 years of age. This group is typically growing at a faster relative pace and therefore requires very frequent brace replacement and/or revisions and consequently requires multiple visits.

Juvenile L.A. Bracing System

Juvenile idiopathic scoliosis (JIS) requires a similar solution to the adolescent group but necessitates more control from their brace to accommodate the inability to fully understand and perform postural corrections. This group is typically growing at a slower pace and therefore requires less frequent brace replacement.

Adult L.A. Bracing System

Adult’s with scoliosis have more stiffness and less “plasticity” and hence have greater issues with tolerance of the standard LA Brace forces. We have developed a 2-brace system specifically for the adult scoliosis population that works in conjunction with Schroth therapy as a unique program for the adult scoliosis patient.

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