Why LA Brace Center

The LA Brace Center’s main office is in Encino, California which is located in the San Fernando Valley, a short distance north of downtown Los Angeles.

Our facility is the original provider of The L.A. Brace™ and is owned by Gez Bowman, the designer of The LA Brace™.

Being diagnosed with scoliosis is a challenging time. There is always resistance to conservative treatment and particular concerns about whether the brace will show and how to deal with interactions at school. At The LA Brace Center, we provide thoughtful, caring and innovative interactions and run a practice that is focused as much on the patients as it is on the brace. We spend the necessary time and effort needed with each patient to ensure that they understood their situation, understand what we are trying to achieve as a team and how this is to their best interest.

At The LA Brace Center, we have friendly bilingual staff available to assist our non-English speaking friends.


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The LA Brace Center

16430 Ventura Blvd Suite 304
Encino, CA 91436
(818) 600-2560

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